I had the opportunity to catch up with the dynamic Kate from Studio Rubix recently, and chatted to her about the philosophy behind this revolutionary gym, and how she manages to do it all.

Tell me a little about your background.

My husband and I trained up in Otago many moons ago in the health and fitness arena – he in exercise and fitness and me as a dietician. He was playing professional sport which took us all around the world and I couldn’t have a stable job but my vision was always to come back and set up something that inspired people to be fitter and healthier. People often commented ‘oh you guys make it seem so easy’ and it was about bringing that back to people and trying to get them to make it easy for themselves.

Studio Rubix. www.dorothynada.com

How did Studio Rubix come about?

The concept around Studio Rubix came about when we were in Russia – we were there for two years, we went over when Charlie was just 6 months old and it was hugely challenging. It was challenging for me having my identity completely wiped out because no one knew me as a dietician or someone who had more meaning than being a mum.

I had time while I was there to plan what I wanted to do when we came back, and the whole rubix cube concept came about that you are always trying to get one side sorted, and just when you think you’ve got it sorted someone comes and picks it up and mucks it up.

We started off with zero clients and basically just worked our way up, a lot of word of mouth and  joining local business groups and trying to support local businesses so they support us. The people we see coming through the door are just so diverse. They go “oh, it’s not a typical gym’ and that’s what we’ve thrived off. We became almost like a little safe zone for people to come and spill their woes, and once we’ve created that safe environment, they feel secure and motivation to have that time out for themselves and to get their health back on track.

We try to walk the talk – we try to be seen out in the community doing events and supporting fundraisers and just being out with our kids. We’re trying to show that hey we can do it, we’re not preaching perfect but we can do it so so can you.

Studio Rubix. www.dorothynada.com

What makes Studio Rubix special?

There’s huge pressures out there to be fit and eat well and look a certain way and be a mum who does it all and it doesn’t work like that for a lot of people. I think that our biggest difference from bigger gyms is that what we do is holistic and we do look after them – it’s debriefing at the end of the day so they don’t go home and offload on their husbands in an angry way, they’ve already offloaded to us. It’s the nutritian side – we don’t talk about dieting, instead we talk about what are you missing out on. It’s about wanting to nourish ourselves and about always trying to encourage rather than discourage. We don’t say “you can’t have this”,  we say “have you fuelled up today?”

We brought in cooking classes because we were finding that half of the issue was that people just didn’t know how to incorporate that healthy eating into their diet. It’s not a huge focus of what we do, but it is complementary/

We recently added reformer pilates and love what that’s added to the studio.

Studio Rubix. www.dorothynada.com

What’s your biggest challenge?

Trying to do it all! We’ve worked hard to find a good work/life balance. We have an au pair to help. We work long hours, but don’t open in the weekend. Our kids are a big priority and we make our days off fit in around them.

Our biggest challenge is keeping ourselves motivated while motivating other people – making sure that we’ve prioritised our work/life balance just as we’ve preached to our clients.

Studio Rubix. www.dorothynada.com

What’s your most important advice?

If you value your quality of life, you need to start doing something about it. You can always feel better. Don’t underestimate how great your body can feel. A lot of people just sludge and trudge through their lives, particularly mums, and investing a bit of time into ourselves and our fitness and wellness is worth it’s weight in gold.

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