Oh my god, what a complete nightmare!!

I’ve been blog-less for months now and it’s actually been horrible. You may remember that I was hacked last year, and that hacker (may he/she be cursed with a chocolate intolerance and an inability to find a good book) caused untold damage to my site. I had hoped that I’d be able to get it repaired, but it turns out that repairing my poor blog was going to cost THOUSANDS of dollars. So depressing.

So, I’m starting from scratch.

I have to admit that the thought of losing over 2 years worth of content was pretty heartwrenching. I’m still not sure how much that’s going to affect me in the long run – all those links that now go nowhere are going to piss google off so much.

But here we go, starting fresh. While my domain name remains the same, behind the scenes, it’s all different – new host, new platform, completely clean installation. Bye-bye malicious bugs, hello brave new world. Or brave new blog at least!

We try to teach our children to be resilient, and I’m hoping that they will see my journey and recognise that, although disappointed and frustrated, I have met this challenge with determination. (And wine…but hopefully they didn’t see that!)

Bear with me while I slowly start building up my bank of posts again! I have to admit that I’ve lain awake at night thinking about some of my favourite posts and I’m so sad that they are lost. I had sweet and funny stories about my children, posts about losing my mum, and what it meant to me to be my husband’s wife – my blog was my expression of our lives, and represented a huge period of personal growth. These posts all meant so much to me, and I put my heart and soul into writing them, so to lose them like that is … well, I just can’t describe how hard it’s been.

If you’re a blogger, learn from my experience – make sure you have copies of your posts, not just on your site and backed up with your host, but saved in a secure location. This starting again thing may seem like a lark, but it honestly sucks.

6 thoughts on “She’s back!”

  1. I feel so bad for you – would be devastated to lose my blog. I need to look up how to back mine up, I’ve just relied on my host for it. I wonder if there’s any way to retrieve it.

  2. Definitely look into backing your blog up! This has been such a disaster. I can possibly retrieve some of the content, but at the moment it’s all mixed up with the malicious code and it would cost big bucks to extract – much more than I can justify at this point. It’s pretty heartbreaking though – that’s a lot of writing just gone! x

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