The Pretty Delicious Cafe. Danielle Hawkins.


It’s always so much fun reading NZ authors….the idea that you are bound to know someone who knows them is a bit of a buzz. The concept of ‘seven degrees of separation’ is more likely to be “oh yeah, she’s my neighbour’s cousin” here in little old Aotearoa.

I was introduced to Danielle Hawkins though my lovely contact at HarperCollins New Zealand and have been a big fan ever since, so when the opportunity came up to do a Q&A with her, I was over the moon…you will be too when you see the awesome giveaway I’ve got lined up at the bottom of this post!

A big thank you to Danielle for taking time out of her busy life to answer these questions.

  1. I have a small blog and am completely ok with strangers reading my writing, but the thought of People I Know reading it is often a bit weird. How do you cope with the concept of being a well-known author in a small town, in a small country?

I know what you mean – I hate people I know reading things I write! I just try not to think about it – and I tell myself firmly that people are far too busy with their own lives to take much interest in anything I might write.

  1. How on EARTH do you make it all work? Motherhood, being a vet, helping on the farm, writing….are you Danielle Hawkins by day, Superwoman by night? Do you sleep?

I’m not nearly as efficient as you imply, although it’s a very kind implication. The kids are at school, I work two days a week as a vet and I’m only required for big jobs on the farm, so usually I have three child-free days for writing. (Actually, just now I’m not working at all after a few months of chemo and some surgery for breast cancer. I thought I’d get lots of writing done during my little sabbatical from normal life, but in fact I’m doing small bits of writing and lots of naps.)

  1. I love that your characters are all quintessential Kiwis. I always get the sense that I could walk down the street and bump into any of them. Do you find that your friends and family think that you are writing about them?

I do copy anecdotes and turns of phrase and personality traits, but my friends and family all still talking to me, so my portraits mustn’t be too recognisable.

  1. The BAKING!!! I’m obsessed….The Pretty Delicious Cafe is impossible to read without a good wedge of cake on hand. What’s your favourite never-fail recipe?

It varies – at the moment it’s lemon yoghurt cake (I think it’s an Alison Holst recipe).

  1. So, this may be a little ‘Sophie’s Choice’, but who is your favourite character?

Lia. I couldn’t write in the first person about someone I didn’t like! (Although nasty characters are probably the most fun to write.

All the best for a speedy recuperation Danielle!


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