Five Go Parenting

Five Go Parenting Review.

Remember the Famous 5? They’ve grown up, and they have a baby to raise. This little book is actually hilarious. Anne, Julian, Dick, George and Timmy the dog are left with their cousin’s baby and find themselves thrown in at the deep end of parenting – learning to feed, dress, and change a baby (which is compared to “trying to put trousers on a distracted octopus”), you’ll find yourself giggling along with this funny little story.
This is on my list to give to friends when they have their first baby soon!

Secrets of a Happy Marriage

Secrets of a Happy Marriage Review.

Sometimes life has a funny synchronicity. When I’m missing my mum, every book I read seems to feature a mother who dies.
And just as I’m marshalling my thoughts on what makes a good relationship for an article I was writing, this book arrived in my letter box, echoing my thoughts with its conclusions on what makes a happy marriage.
Reading a Cathy Kelly book is like catching up with an old friend – warm and comforting. Her characters are always familiar, people you can relate to and empathise with. Their lives are ordinary lives and they could be your neighbour or aunt – that’s the charm of Cathy Kelly.
This was a lovely read, and perfect for that summer escape (or hiding inside pretending that summer has actually arrived!)

The Last Act of Hattie Hoffman

The Last Act of Hattie Hoffman. Review.

This book was fantastic. It was one of those books that had me huddled on the couch, ignoring the housework and the children and just feverishly reading to find out exactly what happened.
Told by three narrators (the town sheriff, Hattie’s teacher, and the beyond-the-grave voice of Hattie herself) this tale will keep you guessing right until the end – and you’ll change your mind about ‘whodunnit’ more than once!
This is Mindy Mejia’s debut novel, but she’s an author I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for – this book was gripping.

All I Ever Wanted.

All I Ever Wanted Review.

You know how sometimes you just crave a book that you know is going to be warm and fuzzy? This book is exactly that.

Caitlin and Patrick break up and their 4 year old daughter stops talking.
Ultimately, this is one of those comforting tales that you just know is going to end up with a happy ending – the journey is more about the ‘why’ than the ‘if’, and that makes it a perfect summer read. I really enjoyed this one!

Meet Me At Beachcomber Bay.

Meet me at beachcomber bay. Review.
When Clemency falls for the man next to her on her flight home, her fairy tale ending isn’t exactly as straightforward as she had imagined. This is a funny and thoroughly enjoyable tale which is perfect beach reading!

You are a badass.

You are a badass. Review.

I am anti-self-help books. I can’t stand being lectured about spouting off self-affirmations in the mirrors, or writing love notes to myself. What I do love is a good kick in the pants when I need one, and ‘You are a badass’ is exactly that. While it delivers much of that whole ‘manifesting’ and ‘visualising’ advice that has become de rigour in any self-help book/blog/article over the past few years, it at least delivers it with humour. I managed to read all of it, which is more than I can say for any other book in its genre for quite some time!

Live by night.

Live by night Review.
This one was totally out of my usual reading lane, but I actually couldn’t put it down. It’s a fantastic read, filled with violence, plotting and even love. I completely loved it and am now faced with a quandary – I’m completely head over heels for this book which has been made into a movie. The setting of Boston and Florida in the 20s is guaranteed to bring brilliant set-dressing, but I’m hesitant to see ‘my’ Live By Night played out to someone else’s vision. Always a dilemma!

Difficult Women

Difficult Women Review.

This collection of short stories is fascinating! I think we can all be difficult women, but these women have often harrowing tales and these brief vignettes of their lives give you a glimpse of the hurts and hopes they carry. I loved it! Usually I find short stories frustrating as I am a greedy reader and always want more, but Roxanne Gay has a rare ability to flesh out characters quickly and satisfactorily.



A big thank you to Hachette for sending me these books, and for being so patient waiting for the reviews while my website was being a nightmare!


2 thoughts on “My Summer Reading Haul, Part I”

  1. This is a great list and I’m in need of additions to my reading list. I just found your blog and I’m having fun with the first few posts I’ve read. How do you find the time to fit reading into your schedule? I’ve been trying to read for at least the half an hour before bed, but that doesn’t always happen. Thanks for the recommendations and I look forward to reading more of your blog!

  2. Thanks Anna – there’s some fantastic reads on this list! I’m a bit lost if I don’t have a book on the go, and reading will often take precedence over other pesky tasks such as vacuuming and folding the laundry! 🙂

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