We have three amazing children, known collectively as the munch bunch.

I’m pretty pitbull-ish about their privacy, so while you’ll read about them, and occasionally see a glimpse of them in a photo, I don’t share pictures of their faces, or their real names. I know I’m being overprotective, but I feel that I actually don’t have the right to make decisions about their social media footprint. That’s up to them once they’re old enough.

That being said, they’re gorgeous and hilarious and I love to share little stories about them from time to time.

I thought it’d be easier if I give you a little sketch of each of their personalities in one place, so you can get to know them a little.


Buster is our eldest. He’s almost 9, which is terrifying. I’m sure he was just born a few months ago, and suddenly he’s this skinny person with opinions and ideas. I’m not quite sure how that happened. He’s such a funny little dude. The kid’s brain is pretty impressive, and he gets these intense interests. At the moment, it’s Minecraft. He’s decided that he’s going to be a youTuber when he grows up, and spends as much time as he’s allowed watching videos by Stampy and danTDM. He’s super shy, and a bit awkward, but he’s loving and sweet and I just adore him.


Pink is our little girl. She’s 7 and is a bundle of joy. When she was younger, she had some issues with her ears which made it hard for her to hear, and she became quite anxious because of that. Thankfully, her ears were an easy fix, and we’ve worked hard with her to help her overcome her anxiety and I’m so proud of how far she’s come. She’s always laughing and singing and dancing and sees the world as hers to conquer. I love that attitude! She’s a glorious pixie of a child and is either the sweetest little fairy you could hope to meet, or full of mischief. She’s so completely determined in everything she does, and loves and laughs with utter abandon. I’m obsessed with her.


Bear is our baby. He’s about to turn 6, but he’s still at that delicious stage where he’s got chubby cheeks and pudgy arms and those darling little dimples instead of knuckles. I savour every moment of him still being little, because I know that he’ll be grown in the blink of an eye. And, typical youngest child that he is, he loves playing the part of the baby of family. He’s funny and charming, and he knows it. This kid’s personality is going to take him far. He is a natural engineer and spends his time figuring out how everything works. While most children sleep with teddy bears, he snuggles up at night with a socket set. He’s cheeky and snuggly and I completely dote on him.

So that’s the munch bunch! How lucky am I?



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