I remember when the munch bunch were tiny, I laughed and told hubby that having 2 boys and a girl meant that he’d have to give the birds and the bees chat twice, while I’d get away with only having to do it once. It hasn’t really come up very often since then, beyond a vague wondering every now and then as to how I’d know it was the ‘right time’ to have that discussion.

Now, I know we’re supposed to be adults. I know I’m supposed to be able to discuss such topics in a matter-of-fact fashion, but the fact is, I’m horribly immature and still giggle at the word ‘butt’.  I’ve done the whole ‘correct names for body parts’ deal, but every time one of my children talks about penis or vagina, I just want to laugh. In fact, the day Buster came home and told me that he had learnt a new word for a penis and proudly announced that it was ‘cock’ I actually lost it. It still makes me giggle.

You can see why I didn’t think that the birds and the bees discussion was going to go well.  I was prepared though – when the munch bunch were tiny I’d bought a copy of ‘Mummy Laid An Egg’ by Babette Cole and stashed it away for the right time. (Basically, my go-to answer for ANYTHING in life is to find a book on the topic)

So last night, I popped my head into Buster’s room to say good night and he was sitting up in bed looking through his dictionary. I sat down next to him and talked about how I used to love reading through my dictionary at his age and discovering new words. He told me that he liked to do that to, but that he had found some gross words. His dictionary is a school aged version, so I wasn’t too worried about the content, and asked him to show me one of the gross words. He’s pretty squeamish so I was expecting something fairly mild, but he pointed out ‘sexual intercourse’. Sigh, suddenly I’m faced with a discussion that I wasn’t feeling reading to have.

We sat together and read ‘Mama Laid an Egg’, and I answered a few questions afterwards. It all went well, but I am still a little sad that we’ve had to have the talk already. He’s young for his age, so I thought we had more time left…although, the munch bunch go to a rural school and I have the feeling that he knew most of the ins and outs (sorry, immature giggles again) prior to our chat.  We covered some of the rudimentals recently as I’m in the process of donating my eggs, so I’ve talked to the munch bunch about babies needing a mummy’s egg and a daddy’s seed to grow. So while the basics were covered, the mechanics were news.

I’m pretty pleased with how it all went. Buster described it all as “so gross”, and I managed to get through the whole chat with no inappropriate giggles or snorts. I’ll follow up in a couple of days and check that he’s got no further questions, but all in all, pretty successful! One down, two to go.

How do you tackle the sex talk in your family? I’d love to hear your tips!


16 thoughts on “The birds and the bees….explaining the facts of life.”

  1. Cock!! I would have laughed so hard! We kind of just try to answer the kids honestly (and appropriately) but I do have to steel myself a bit sometimes. The best one was Christmas morning. We gave Kate an encyclopedia, and the first page she turned to was about the human body.

    I’d just sat down to take a sip of coffee and she said ‘Mummy, what’s sperm?’

    Coffee EVERYWHERE!!

  2. I could not stop laughing! Snorted a fair bit too. It was so funny.
    These kids and their thirst for knowledge! I thought we were heading for this conversation years ago when he asked me where cats came from. It turned out that he was asking about evolution. I’m not sure that was necessarily easier to explain xx

  3. Maybe this is why I don’t feel the need to have kids despite so many people telling me to have one already. I’m also incredibly immature sometimes. I never had the birds and the bees talk and had to learn a lot of things from peers and that weird presentation at school. Great job though!

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