Miss Pink reviews: Rainbow Magic Fairy Dress-Up Sticker Fun

    July 25, 2016
    Fairy Dress-up sticker fun.

    Miss Pink is a 6 year old pixie. She is the girliest girl I know and if something is pink, sparkly, related to fairies or contains flowers, it’s a BIG hit with her.

    Rainbow Magic Fairy Dress-Up Sticker fun manages to tick all of those boxes. Our package from Hachette NZ arrived with magical timing when Miss Pink was off school, sick with a tummy bug. Well, the tummy bug had run its course and we were on that pesky day when they’re not ready to be back at school, but bored at being confined to home. The courier arrived with PERFECT timing and she was happily occupied, literally for hours with this gorgeous little sticker book.

    It’s a great size to pop in your bag and take with you to the doctors, a cafe or in the car for long journeys, and with an RRP of $19.99 it would make a great present to take along to those birthday parties, or even just to tuck away in your super-mum stash for when you need it. (For the uninitiated, a super-mum stash is that secret hoard you have tucked away in the back of a cupboard for the times that you find a birthday party invitation at the last minute, or you need to bribe a child…basically, a prophylactic for the times when you are less-than-supermum!)

    Miss Pink says:
    “I loved it. It’s a super-duper-mega fun book. I’ve used all the stickers and there’s lots of things to colour. I think that other little girls my age would love it, from 5 years old to probably a girl that is 10. Thank you Hachette NZ for sending it to me!”


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